Que Serra, Serra:Parasiting a Richard Serra Sculpture

Triple Diesel's show Invisible Graffiti is sited within and mounted to a Richard Serra Torqued Ellipse sculpture that is either derelict or seasoning on a wharf in the Bronx.

The idea of a show that's essentially invisible is intriguing in its own right; so much has been done in the name of being seen that intentionally avoiding being seen, or locating within a hidden and difficult-to-access location, for me, adds an essential real-time element to the installation.

But the idea of hidden graffiti is so passive-aggressive it's hilarious. It echoes the rubber-knife words of a Matt Groening character from a Village Voice cartoon of more than a decade ago: "I'll hurt you in ways you'll never feel."

The Invisible Graffiti installation suggests a range of potential exhibitions:

  • Plunking a humongous Serra sculpture in the middle of MOMA's new atrium so that none of the hanging artwork can be viewed by anyone ever
  • Christo-covering a room full of Rodin sculptures (Crap, do I have to say 'Christo-and-Jeanne-Claude-covering' now?)
  • Arranging Tara Donovan's sprawling cups and stacks of drinking straws next to Andy Warhol's Coca-Cola paintings, causing the Donovan works to self-destruct as thirsty visitors pick up cups and straws and search in vain for a soda fountain
  • Exhibiting a show of Banksy's fake museum pieces inside the MOMA gift shop

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