Ryan MacDonald's Brief Epigrams

There's something about living out where it's flat, I think. Maybe that's what gives MacDonald's blog a kind of wry humor. He's in touch with a variety of interesting things, art among them.

I grew up in St. Louis County, flat enough as places go.

Ryan's out of Kansas City, a place I greatly enjoyed while attending a wedding some years back. It was held in a church designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, white cave-like walls and cramped in all the wrong ways.

They appreciate grass out there, the kind you mow. The Art Museum has -- it must be twenty acres of just plain grass out in front. It's luxuriously spacious and not terribly well-watered, as it should be.

Strangers in the pubs talk to you like you've got something to offer. The barbecue's out of this world.

New England on the other hand ticks me off; you can't see more than thirty yards in any direction without a giant tree or a hill or someone's Colonial eyesore poking you in the eyeballs. They have no understanding of the phrase "Pork Steak." Yards tend to be small, or studded with formless juniper blobs and ragged mountain laurels.

I should get back to the Midwest again soon. You forget your place in reality when you can't see more than a few feet in front of you. It takes distance to appreciate life, just my humble opinion of course.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brought back memories.
Yes, I am from KC as well. Worked at a number of art galleries before moving to Chicago. I miss the Kansas City Art Institute. Great Oldenberg sculpture of a badmitton Birdie in front on the lawn. Kemper Museum has also opened up there, great collection of Modern Art. Saw a Bill Viola show there that blew my mind.