England's Arts Council's "Own Art" Program Helps Regular Blokes Collect Contemporary Art

From the Arts Council's website:

The Own Art scheme is designed to make it easy and affordable for everyone to buy contemporary works of art and craft including paintings, photography, sculpture, glassware and furniture.

You can borrow up to £2,000, or as little as £100, and pay back the loan in 10 monthly instalments - interest free. The scheme is available through a network of over 250 participating venues across the country.

Arts Council England aims to put the arts at the heart of national life. One of the ways we do this is to encourage people to live with art they love. We also want to help artists live by their creative output and support galleries who sell high quality contemporary art.

I know what you're thinking: "Only the lamest of galleries would have anything to do with this." You're picturing truckloads of goozy Thomas Kincaide paintings, rejects from the mass-production landscapes seen at "Starving Artist" sales at Holiday Inns, and tables loaded with little statuettes of praying children made from pressed muck.

Think again. The huge list of participating venues is replete with respectability. See for example participating gallery UNION's website.

Are you telling me that we couldn't have something like this stateside? I think we can.

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